Sport Senior


Sport within our new senior school will continue to play a major part in the lives of our young adults.  The Senior school pupils will continue to be exposed to a variety of top-level sports on a weekly basis and the opportunities that these offer them.  The contribution, effort, and support of the whole team, rather than individuals, is paramount.  Sport at Hoe Bridge is inclusive, with everybody enjoying ample opportunity to compete, whatever their ability, but we are very proud of our regional and national success that we’ve had in our prep school since its inception in 1986.

Regional and National Success 

Our record of regional and national successes is impressive and over the years, our teams have played at the highest of levels. Representation at national Rugby 7s, national finals for football, for hockey, for netball and cricket are the level our pupils regularly achieve. The development of sport within our Senior School will look to continue upon these successes.

We are very proud of the success we have as a school in Sport. To see our latest results visit