Senior School Building Shadow

 Senior School Newsletter - 7th Edition

Inspection Ready

In readiness for our Senior School, at the close of the last term, we underwent a thorough inspection termed as a 'material change' assessment by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. This agency, approved by the government, specialises in inspecting association independent schools. The purpose of this inspection was to ensure that our planned expansion, encompassing both an extended age range and increased student population, adhered to the stringent standards set for independent schools. We are delighted to announce that we successfully cleared this inspection with outstanding results. We will undergo another inspection after September 2025. This time, the inspection will be slightly more rigorous, and preparations are already well underway.


Dubai Sports Tour 2026

We are excited to announce that our inaugural international sports tour for Year 9 pupils will take place in Dubai in 2026. This multi-sport tour will be a collaborative effort between the girls' and boys' Sports Departments. Dubai, one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates, has rapidly gained global recognition over the past decade due to its significant construction projects, impressive sporting infrastructure, and ultra-modern cosmopolitan ambiance. This tour will offer a unique opportunity to explore an exceptional destination and engage in competitive sports with local schools and clubs eager to host visiting teams. 


Senior School Pupil Devices

Building on our established foundations, the Year 9 curriculum is crafted to challenge and inspire pupils, fostering continuous growth and academic excellence. It is aligned with the Common Entrance (13+) syllabus, ensuring that pupils are well-prepared for future challenges. As we welcome our first Year 9 cohort and launch our dedicated GCSE Hub, we are pleased to announce that all Senior School pupils will use Microsoft Surface Pro devices starting in September 2025 to enhance their learning. These devices will allow them to explore subject areas more deeply and improve their understanding of essential topics. Traditional books and pens will remain an integral part of the learning experience, with the Surface devices serving as a valuable addition.


AI Technology

At the start of the Summer Term, our Senior Prep pupils took part in a pilot study of the Century learning platform. Century uses AI technology to understand each pupil’s strengths and areas for improvement, creating a personalised learning pathway tailored to individual needs. The platform continuously adapts to each pupil’s performance, providing an individualised learning experience that evolves with their progress. Additionally, pupils can visually track their progress, empowering them to take independent action based on the insights provided.

We are very pleased to report that, after the pilot, the responses from the pupils were overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated the tailored support and the ability to see their progress in real-time. Consequently, we are excited to announce the introduction of Century and starting in September 2024, Century will be fully integrated into the Year 7 and 8 curricula, covering both Maths and Science. As pupils advance through our Senior School, the platform’s capabilities will expand, supporting their educational growth across a broader range of subjects. We are thrilled to incorporate Century into our pupils’ learning environment and the integration of AI into education represents a significant step forward.


Carol Service 2024

We are pleased to confirm that our traditional Carol Service will take place at Guildford Cathedral in December 2024. As we prepare to introduce our Senior School, we recognise the importance of bringing our Prep and Senior School community together for school events. Guildford Cathedral will now serve as the regular venue for this cherished occasion.


Uniform Consultation

During the Autumn Term, we will be hosting consultations with both pupils and parents regarding the development of our new Senior School pupil uniform. This marks an exciting opportunity for us to craft a distinctive clothing line that not only catches the eye, but is also practical and fitting for our pupils’ needs. Creating a uniform that fosters a sense of belonging and instils pride in our school is paramount. We believe that wearing the uniform plays a crucial role in preparing students for their day and encourages active engagement in school life. Beyond the school gates, our Senior School uniform will serve as a visible symbol of our identity, be it at local events or on the field during sports competitions. We’re looking forward to this collaborative process and the chance to create something truly special for our school community.



Throughout this term, meetings for both our Hoe Bridge Senior School Committee and our Hoe Bridge Senior School Pioneering Committee have continued. The efforts of these groups are vital to shaping the future of our Senior School, striving to create an exceptional educational environment where the pupils can excel in their GCSE pursuits. These committees are set to convene regularly next year and beyond, ensuring ongoing progress and improvement.