Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster's Welcome and Vision

Welcome to Hoe Bridge

Every day at Hoe Bridge is unique, exciting and challenging.

We have a special community with a passionate belief in fostering the core school ethos of Happiness, Confidence and Achievement. Parents forge a strong relationship with a school that is dedicated to the individual development of each child, giving them a deep-rooted love for learning, in an enthusiastic and engaging environment. Visitors comment on the vibrant energy and happy faces that they see throughout our school.

We are passionate in the belief that the role of educators is to provide a wide-ranging framework in which children can grow and develop creatively in a continually changing and often unpredictable world. We have an unwavering commitment to empowering those within our community: inspiring, challenging and motivating both children and adults in all that we do. We have an environment, from Nursery through to Year 8 and in the future Year 9 to 11, which grows and adapts, allowing all children to learn and understand from their many different strengths. Empathy and caring for others are our principal values, which are intrinsic within our ideology and shown in the special qualities within our community. Each child is known and valued for who they are.

In providing a safe and secure environment where children can explore their potential, confidence and self-esteem we nurture each individual enabling them to achieve the highest of standards. Learning is best achieved in a collaborative community which inspires and encourages ambitious minds with high quality and dynamic teachers being the driving force behind such a setting. We prepare ‘Thinking Children’, able to perform exceptionally well through the rigours of 11+ assessments and flourishing in Common Entrance and Senior School Scholarships. 

I would be delighted to meet with you, talk about your children and give you an insight into the endless possibilities we create for our families. Please come and visit our school, experience the warmth of our community and meet the wonderful children and adults who make Hoe Bridge so extraordinary.

Our 5 Year Vision

The vision of our school for the next 5 years is centred around maintaining our position at the forefront of educational progress and delivering the best experiences for our children to thrive within. We have an energy and passion to foster everyone in a special way, a way that enable them not just to grow, but become stronger in the belief that they are becoming the best possible version of themselves. In our caring environment, with adults who are committed and offer the most special of nurturing approaches, these children can enjoy a school that stimulates them to be at their happiest, most confident and able to achieve the most fantastic things. 

With this underpinning the primary foundations of our school, we can look at the growth of our seniors' years, extending the wonderful Senior Prep year’s (Year 7 & 8) to our Senior School (Year 9 to 11) and the GCSE Hub. We have the most exciting project in building a state-of-the-art senior school that is Net Carbon Zero, ultra sustainable in build and will deliver a spacious educational environment for our oldest children to develop into the most effective and proactive citizens of the future. With the best teachers inspiring their learning, the latest technology facilitating a growth in knowledge in so many differing ways and the ethos and culture of Hoe Bridge School creating the most effective culture, the foreseeable future will simply enhance the extraordinary impact that our school can have on the lives of the children within our care. 

In conjunction with the physical growth of the school, the possibilities for our children to embrace our unique opportunities will also develop. We will spread our sporting experiences around our local area and as far and wide as Dubai, St. Lucia and further afield; build on our musical repertoire whilst encouraging our children into the highest levels of involvement both in school and within the multitude of opportunities in and around London and Europe; perform on stage within our drama, musical theatre, dance and the wider arts to the most exceptional levels in the most splendid of theatre spaces and to stretch the broadest areas of school life to the maximum. We will simply not just provide a standard educational journey but use the most excited and insightful of minds to create something that delivers the experience that will ready this generation for the future. 

As with the future of our children, the next 5 years is exciting, full of incredible opportunities, with a community that has a desire to improve and an attitude to progress the next phase of life that will shortly appear on the horizon. 


Chris Webster



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