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Why Hoe Bridge?

Hoe Bridge School is an independent school for girls and boys 2 to 16 years old. Within a stunning, safe setting combining historic buildings and new leading-edge facilities, our school is nestled in 22 acres of beautiful countryside just outside Woking, Surrey. Extensive playing fields, forest school area, natural pond and the Hoe Stream are used daily to engage the children in sporting exploits and the wonders of nature.

On joining Hoe Bridge School, our children, parents and staff become part of a very special community, with everybody playing a vital role. An ethos and aims are important in any community: at Hoe Bridge, ours are designed to ensure respect, courtesy and inclusivity, as well as the most supportive environment for an excellent education. 

Why Hoe Bridge?

With a proud history of 35 years as a leading prep school in the area that has expanded it’s education provision to Year 11 (GCSEs) we build on already strong foundations and continue our fundamental belief as educators in fostering the core ethos of Happiness, Confidence and Achievement for all our pupils by encouraging them to explore their potential through academic aspiration and active participation in all that we have to offer.   

We believe that by investing in a pupil’s unique character we can not only unlock their academic potential, but their confidence, self-belief and in turn personal growth.  With over 520 students across our site, we celebrate the uniqueness of all our students, but we are proud that across our school there are a few defining characteristics of a Hoe Bridge child. 


So, what kind of pupil does well at Hoe Bridge?

Ready to Get stuck in 

Our ethos is about having a go at new things, pushing your boundaries and not being afraid to fail.  There is so much on offer – both in the classroom and out of it that we want our pupils to embrace the busy school day, find a new passion, make new friends and get the most out of Hoe Bridge life as possible. 

Team Players 

Kindness and always cheering each other on underpins so much of what we do at Hoe Bridge.  Through a pastorally driven, supportive and smaller school environment, our pupils genuinely care and respect each other, their teachers and the wider community.  They become a tight knit bunch during their time here and it’s clear that friendships formed at Hoe Bridge truly last a lifetime.   

Being Curious 

Our curiosity approach to learning starts at an early age, and we develop children with enquiring minds to have a lifelong love of learning.  This means learning beyond the classroom, and our highly dedicated teachers inspire our pupils to think independently, question the norm and seek out information to complement their studies and outside interests. 

In Summary, Hoe Bridge pupils are not afraid to take the plunge, in, learn new skills, cheer loudly for their peers and be curious in all that they do. 



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