Senior Learning

Learning Environment

Every child is equipped with an iPad, to support their learning experience, dive deeper into subject areas and make them more confident in the use of technology. It also helps their understanding of important issues like the difference between real and fake news and misinformation. 

One of the main differences is the greater proportion of experiential learning outside the classroom environment, benefiting the whole child and endowing them with first-hand knowledge, skills and ambition in abundance. 

Being in these years involves far more than merely, but albeit proudly, wearing the senior tie. As members of the Senior Prep, our children eagerly embrace additional responsibilities that are bestowed on them. Roles include mentoring a lower form, working alongside class teachers, marshalling in assemblies, and performing other duties around the school. Each Year 8 child has a position of responsibility, whether it be membership of the School Council and one of its several committees or taking up the position of Head of School. Aspects of Year 8 school life such as the leaders programme and valedictory farewell dinner imbue the importance of seniority and achievement balanced with humility and respect. 

Quite simply, our children leave Year 8 being the best they can be for the next step in their lives.