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Creative Arts


A walk around Hoe Bridge will show that art is an important subject in the curriculum, with work from our talented young artists displayed in seemingly every spare space.

Our Early Years children are often up to their elbows in paint, playdoh, clay, water, glitter and glue, showcasing endless uses for yoghurt pots and the insides of kitchen rolls! As the children progress up through the school the use of different media becomes more structured and understanding of perspective, the effects of shading and colour mixing is developed through experimentation.

Representing an important way for children to express their thoughts, stretch their creativity and explore the use of both traditional and innovative materials. Children enjoy art in our dedicated light and airy art space in both Pre-Prep and Prep. Learning from specialist art teachers from Year 3 about the history of art, different genres, practical techniques, and painstakingly crafting their own work using a very wide range of media and substrates. Technology also plays its part with computerised graphic design included in the curriculum.

Design & Technology

Our highly trained specialist teachers, excellent facilities and our children’s imagination and enthusiasm combine to produce impressive results in our Design & Technology Department. The design and practical skills learned are applied to progressively complex tasks and projects using a wide variety of materials and processes, with traditional wood and metalworking sitting alongside electronics, 3D printing and vacuum forming, and pencil sketches rubbing shoulders with computer aided design. The basics of practical mechanics are also learned, with the children dismantling and rebuilding a full-sized electric racing car which is then raced in a Green Power national competition.


Drama is a thriving department here at Hoe Bridge.  With the highly anticipated annual musical, as well as dedicated productions for other years groups, we aim to foster personal growth through performance and enhance confidence for all involved. Recent successes include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda and Roahl Dahl, Wendy and Peter Pan Presentations.   

Drama plays a key role in their social and personal development offering a creative environment and safe space in which to develop skills, self-esteem and confidence.  At whatever level our pupils take part in drama at Hoe Bridge, we will give them an opportunity to develop their unique voice - refining communication and performance skills - vital for strong interpersonal relationships with friends, family and to succeed in life beyond the classroom.   

Additionally, many of our students enhance their dramatic skills by availing themselves of supplementary classes in LAMDA, Musical Theatre and dance during extra-curricular clubs, thereby enriching their overall theatrical experience. 


In Year 3 children try a range of different instruments as part of their weekly music lesson and all pupils are encouraged to take up a musical instrument - an ideal opportunity for pupils and parents to choose the correct instrument to develop a lifelong love of music. 

Over ten instrumental peripatetic teachers provide individual tuition in over 20 different instruments to over 200 children each week. Many children work towards exams set by ABRSM, with an examiner visiting the school every term. ABRSM is the UK’s largest music education body and the world’s leading provider of music exams. We enjoy outstanding results with many students gaining full marks for one or more of their pieces, as well as scholarships being awarded as pupils move up to our senior school. 

Performance opportunities are extensive in Prep with ten ensembles across choir, strings, bass, woodwind and percussion. Regular concerts throughout the year, Monday and Friday assemblies, house competitions, carol services and performances at other schools provideample opportunity to showcase their talents. 

Our excellent facilities include four music rooms, several practice rooms and our superb new 110-seat Performing Arts Centre. 

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