Your child will attain the academic, sporting, creative, social and cultural skills to excel in senior school and beyond.

Co-Curricular Activites

Co-Curricular clubs continue to form a key part of the day for our Senior Prep pupils and offering clubs that are key to their all-round education is something we are hugely passionate about.  It is through such activities that students will acquire skills, qualities, and values that they can enjoy throughout their lives.   

The pinnacle of excitement for our Year 7-8 students is through our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) curriculum is truly exciting and inspiring, and enjoyed equally by boys and girls. For example, the annual Year 7 trip to and around the Isle of Wight opens the concepts of motive power types, sustainability, and the environment. The major STEAM project, however, focuses on the deconstruction and rebuilding of an electric car, immersing the children in many different aspects of the STEAM curriculum and their context in the ‘real world’. Apart from the learning and satisfaction involved, they experience several memorable project highlights. These include working with engineers from the locally based McLaren headquarters and racing the rebuilt vehicle at Goodwood, meeting competitive teams including some from universities.

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