Prep Sport


When we talk about sport at Hoe Bridge, it is a very passionate area of the school and very much in the DNA of all the children.  Sport represents a substantial part of school life because of the importance we place on it.  Apart from promoting a healthy and active lifestyle and a lifetime of fitness, sport helps children to understand how their bodies work.  It complements intellectual and social development and supports many life skills including confidence, self-discipline, decision-making, respect and teamwork.  It relieves the pressure of the classroom, helps to activate young brains and boosts energy and enthusiasm for academic studies and other activities.  Most of all it should be fun and  

Whilst healthy competition is always encouraged, sport is played very much in keeping with the Hoe Bridge Way, with respect for fellow team members and the opposition, celebration of own and opposing teams’ successes, an absence of blame for mistakes, and acknowledgement of others’ strengths and weaknesses. The contribution, effort and support of the whole team, rather than individuals, is paramount. Our sport is inclusive, with everybody getting ample opportunity to compete, whatever their ability. 


An extensive fixture list is arranged throughout the year for both boys and girls in Prep from Year 4 as well as sports tours both within the UK and abroad. The children are constantly monitored and progression to higher teams is always possible. 

Whether a house, inter-school competition or tour, matches are always competitive, with our teams following the principles of fair play. Many have gained county recognition and gone on to win at both local level and IAPS National Championships as well as receiving Sports Scholarships to Senior schools. Extra-curricular sports are also very popular, played in mixed groups at our afterschool clubs. 

We benefit from extensive sport facilities across our 22 acres including two sports halls, three large playing fields, all weather pitch, heated outdoor swimming pool, outdoor and indoor cricket nets, a cross country course and grass and artificial cricket squares. 

Because of the importance we place on sport at Hoe Bridge, it represents a substantial part of school life and the weekly timetable. Pre-Prep children have PE/Games twice a week plus swimming during warmer months increasing to four times a week in Prep, plus inter-school matches. Sport is taken by a team of specialist PE teachers throughout the school.

Senior Sports Scholarships

Year                    Total Sports Scholarships Awards
2022  1
2021  3
2020 8
2019 7
2018 4
2017 3
2016 7
2015 6
2014 3
2013 1
2012 4
2011 1
2010 3
2009 5

Recent Sport Tours

Barbados - Netball and Hockey
Dublin - Hockey
Netherlands - Football and Hockey
Isle of Man - Netball
Malta - Netball
St. Lucia - Cricket
UK - Netball
UK - Rugby

District & National Wins

2022 - IAPS Regional Cricket Runners Up 
2022 - U12 Athletics High Jump Regional Winner
2022 - U12 Athletics High Jump National Finalists
2022 - IAPS National Netball Champions
2022 - IAPS U11 Hockey Regional Winners
2022 - IAPS U11 Hockey National Finalists 
2022 - IAPS U13 Hockey Regional Winners
2022 - IAPS U13 Hockey National Finalists
2022 - IAPS Regional Netball Winners
2022 - Surrey U11 Netball Champions
2021 - IAPS National Hockey Finals Bronze
2021 - Surrey U11 Cricket Prep School Runners Up
2021 - IAPS Regional Hockey Winners
2020 - IAPS U11 Regional Netball Champions
2020 - IAPS U13 Hockey Regional Runners Up
2020 - IAPS U13 Hockey National Finalists
2019 - IAPS U11 Regional Hockey Champions
2019 - IAPS Regional Cricket Winners
2018 - Surrey U11 Hockey Winners
2018 - Surrey U10 Hockey Champions
2018 - Surrey U11 Netball Champions
2018 - IAPS National U11 Netball Champions
2018 - IAPS Regional U11 Netball Winners
2017 - Surrey U10 Hockey Champions
2016 - Surrey Prep School Football Champions
2016 - IAPS National U11 Netball Champions
2015 - IAPS Regional U11 Hockey Winners
2015 - IASP Regional U13 Football Champions
2014 - IAPS National U11 Netball Champions
2014 - IAPS Regional U11 Netball Winners
2012 - Surrey U11 Netball Champions
2012 - IAPS Regional Netball Winners
2010 - U11 Surrey Hockey Champions
2010 - Surrey Netball Champions
2009 - U11 South Regional Hockey Champions
2009 - IAPS National Hockey Champions
2009 - IAPS Regional Hockey Winners 

Boys' Sports

Major sports: Cricket, Football, Hockey, Rugby

Girls' Sport

Major sports: Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Rounders


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