Your child will attain the academic, sporting, creative, social and cultural skills to excel in senior school and beyond.


Looking after the whole child 

Happiness, Confidence and Achievement are, as our school motto suggests, the cornerstones of your child’s time with us at Hoe Bridge. 

Attaining the fine balance of the three extends to secondary school and throughout adult life. Whilst your child is with us, we consider it our duty to support you and your child in maintaining it. Friends having left for other schools at the end of Year 6, harder course work and exams, and taking on more responsibility and leadership, all represent challenges which affect different children in Years 7 and 8 in different ways. 

Our Pastoral team is superbly equipped to support our Years 7 and 8 children through these challenges, as well as being on hand to discuss any other concerns – either in or outside the school – in a caring and positive way. They are equally happy to talk to our families discreet and constructive way, harnessing their experience and specialist training.